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Buy foursquare 2004 online

Foursquare 2004 Bourbon Cask 11 12 months old – Buy foursquare 2004 online

Buy foursquare 2004 online: The Foursquare rum distillery is owned with the aid of R.L. Seale & Co, an own family organization with a traceable history of rum making in Barbados courting lower back to 1820. The modern-day business enterprise dates to the 1920s, whilst Reginald Leon Seale installed a distribution enterprise in the island’s capital, Bridgetown. The organization’s achievement added expansion, and thru the latter half of the twentieth century, it received brands which include ESA Fields and Doorly’s for its portfolio. In 1995 they opened the Foursquare distillery, converting an abandoned sugar manufacturing unit inside the Saint Philip parish. Operating as a double retort pot nevertheless and a 3-column non-stop nevertheless, its first spirit turned produced in 1996. Foursquare produces unmarried combined rum, combining its pot and column distillate both earlier than and after being barrelled, and below the path of Sir David Seale and his son, Richard, has emerged as one of the maximum respected manufacturers in the world.

Added in 2008, the fantastic Cask selection from Foursquare is an exemplar of the best rum the distillery can produce. they have got normally been elderly to both facets of a decade in cask, and bottled from bourbon casks, maximum of which are sourced from Jack Daniel’s, or from the diffusion of wooden finishes. The latter is a specialty of Richard Seale, and releases have covered lauded bottlings from a range of fortified wine and brandy barrels. The 2004 vintage bourbon cask became the 0.33 release in September 2015.

Class- Rum

Location- Barbados

Emblem- Foursquare

Alcohol/vol- fifty nine%

Product Information

AGE: eleven yr old

Vintage:  2004


BOTTLER:  Reputable


BOTTLED power:  59%

BOTTLE size: 70CL


Manufacturing approach:  POT & COLUMN STILLS


About this Rum – Buy foursquare 2004 online

Top-notch Cask Selection Mark III: 2004 unmarried blended Rum. this feature has been aged for 11 years in Ex-Bourbon Barrels and is comprised of a mix of both Artisanal Copper Pot and conventional twin Column Coffey distilled Rums. Bottled at Cask strength, fifty-nine% ABV – this expression has massive depth in flavor and aroma, similarly captured by using its better proof factor. first-rate enjoyed much like a wonderful Scotch.

Additional Information

Buy foursquare 2004 online, This amazing unmarried-mixed rum is an example of the whole lot that the rum enterprise needs to be doing but is not. Foursquare is many of the international’s greatest rum distilleries and home to one of the enterprise’s exquisite rum purists, Richard Seale–awesome first-rate grandson of the founder Reginald Leon Seale. Richard is a vital voice in rum nowadays and, as master blender for R.L. Seale, he appears poised to be the savior that the rum class so desperately wishes. He knows that rum will by no means gain its complete potential while a maximum of producers rely on sugar and caramel to correct faults or mask the taste. needless to mention, this is not the candy syrupy stuff that so many humans consider once they think RUM! “unmarried blended” refers back to the combination of pot and column still from one unmarried distillery. These have been aged exclusively in ex-bourbon for 11 long years at Seale’s St. Philip facility. it is then bottled and not used additions in any way, not even a drop of water. the perfect balance among sweet and savory, that is the kind of rum that speaks to folks that genuinely care about what they consume. No matter the dearth of sugar brought, the nose is complete with dense sweet aromas: baked sugar and fresh beaten cane. Then we circulate in the direction of the grassier, woodsy notes earlier than transitioning toward moderate tropical observation. expect a lingering earthy finish that ties the ones’ candy and savory notes collectively perfectly.


Ok, this is pretty damn notable……quite alright as you’d assume, a variety of bourbon influences with vanilla, warm timber, smoked coconut, gingerbread, light rolling tobacco, and pecans. There’s a lovely biscuity note that reminds me loads of Digestive biscuits and brown sugar that has been melted with butter in a pan as in case you have been making a cheesecake base or something. There are some fresh cane notes too, that I wasn’t anticipating, hay, and the unusual inexperienced banana. beneath all this, there are a few meaty savory notes of clean licorice root, tar, engine oil, seawater, dusty dry soil blowing about inside the wind, and superb olive oil.


Buy foursquare 2004 online, Particularly now not as warm as you’d count on, right full mouthfeel and really dry. clearly pretty savory at the beginning with salty inexperienced olives, salted and smoked lemons, tar, creosote, and wasabi. The savory dies off a bit leaving dark chocolate, roasted pecans in salted caramel, donuts however without the sugar (just the batter), and ginger biscuits. There are some adorable lifting grassy cane notes once more element way thru that hold it fresh because the sweeter side starts to settle in.


Lengthy, very lengthy. very well and bitter dark chocolate, vanilla, coconut – we’re returned to the nostril once more – a touch contact of orange perhaps or marmalade that creeps in, and while it’s truly now not sweet the sweeter notes dominate over the savory side here, however, it’s dry and puckering on the equal time.

Thoughts – Buy foursquare 2004 online

Suitable stuff. in reality. What a beautiful rum; it’s were given the whole lot you may want in it and it takes to water like a fish. I dropped it right down to forty% abv for an ordeal and all of the flavors had been nonetheless extraordinary. What’s stressful about that is that even at fifty nine% it’s dangerously drinkable, however, I’ve discovered the candy spot is at about 55% (that’s why I’ve reviewed it at that), and there it genuinely permits that perfect Foursquare balance to show off.

Origin and Records

Foursquare eleven Years vintage 2004 exquisite Cask choice is a single blended rum from the Foursquare distillery in Barbados, launched as part of the outstanding Cask choice. A single blended rum is made from each column and pot nevertheless distillate from an unmarried distillery. The rum became distilled in 2004 and matured for 11 years in ex-bourbon casks. It turned into bottled in September 2015 at a cask strength of fifty nine%. Foursquare is a rum distillery in Barbados, reopened in 1996 by the Seale family. Buy foursquare 2004 online, it’s far positioned on a former sugar plantation that turned into a base around 1720. The sugar manufacturing unit ceased manufacturing within the past due 1980s, so Foursquare imports most of its molasses from Guyana. The distillery is currently led by the aid of Richard Seale, a fourth-generation member of their own family that has been within the rum business considering 1820.

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