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Buy Smoke Wagon Bourbon

Product Description – Buy Smoke Wagon Bourbon

Buy Smoke Wagon Bourbon: Named after turquoise, the Nevada kingdom semi-valuable stone (also known as Jewel of the wasteland) and like turquoise, this bourbon is uncommon and there’s most effective a restricted amount.

We don’t accept it as true with rotating barrels. We sense Bourbon is aged great with the barrel racked on its side, and undisturbed. whenever a barrel is rolled around, it breaks char off of the staves. If too much char is floating in the bourbon it may undo the delicate stability of flavors and become too o.k.heavy. Having barrels rest on their facets guarantees that bourbon passes similarly via the char, the toasted layer of all right, and the raw timber. Buy Smoke Wagon Bourbon

After 10 years on the fourth floor (the top half of the warehouse), we felt this bourbon become aged to perfection, so the 35 barrels on that ground have been pulled and wilderness Jewel become created.

Product info

Varietal/kind:   Bourbon

Size:      750ML

Product of: u.s.a.

Category: WHISKEY


Length: 750 ML

Proof/ABV: 104/52 %

Evidence: 104 (52% ABV)

Age: 10 yr

Beginning: u.s.

Distillery: Nevada H & C Distilling Co.

Approximately this product

This particular bourbon comes from our private barrel software. whilst they are saying non-public barrel, they imply it. They bottle the bourbon from one barrel and move to the following. those awesome barrels produce a completely unique flavor, not like some other.

Featured in – Buy Smoke Wagon Bourbon


Guys’ magazine


Distillery information

Nevada H & C Distilling is the brainchild of Aaron Chepenik and screenwriter Jonathan Hensleigh who have taken a fully palms-on method to the commercial enterprise. They set up keep in Las Vegas, first opening a bar downtown, The Griffin. One night time after sampling a number of the services at the bar, they were mastering what they appreciated and didn’t and the next step have become crystal clear… opening their own distillery. They set up a store in Vegas and were sourcing and producing spirits considering the fact that 2014. They’ve been working with MGP given that the start and in place of sourcing barrels they contract distill and take the new-make from their distilling runs and barrel it, age it in Nevada and look forward to the liquid treasure that provides itself. Buy Smoke Wagon Bourbon


Dark Fruit, cinnamon vanilla, and oak

Tasting Note – Buy Smoke Wagon Bourbon

Preliminary honey/caramel at the front of the tongue cocoa, rye spice, cinnamon, and alright the pallet. Creamy mouth experience completed with okay and rye spice notes of white pepper.

About the distillery

Nevada H&C Distilling Co changed based way of Jonathan Hensleigh and Aaron Chepnik in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2011. The distillery has become the primary operator in Las Vegas and is the producer of the award triumphing Smoke Wagon bourbon and Silver dollar vodka. earlier than founding H&C Distilling Co; Jonathan and Aaron began their enterprise dating by starting The Griffin bar in downtown Las Vegas. Buy Smoke Wagon Bourbon

Smoke Wagon comes from “antique west slang” for an 1873 Colt revolver, also known as “the gun that received the west”. The wax logo at the bottle consists of two crossed smoke wagons over the country of Nevada.

Different statistics – Buy Smoke Wagon Bourbon

This is a ten 12-month-old Kentucky instantly bourbon from the Nevada H&C Distilling organization. This is the Smoke Wagon, ‘barren region Jewel’, which has been constructed from a total of 35 barrels from the distillery’s 4th floor.

Our Story – Buy whisky online

Buy whisky online: We’ve been a family-owned and operated Fine Wine and Spirits shop. We have one of the largest selections of whiskey and spirits in the United States. We have many rare and vintage whiskey, along with a vast selection of domestic and imported beers, and our premium liquor aisles are filled with very rare whiskeys. Our goal is to provide you with the largest selections, the best prices, and friendly person-to-person service. We hope you enjoy browsing through our site and we welcome any feedback. Buy Smoke Wagon Bourbon

Whether it be single malts, blends, or American bourbon/whiskey, we stock some of the finest expressions from around the world and have forged lasting relationships with our international and local partners in order to gain access to only the rarest and most collectible whiskies.

Our Company’s Goal

Our mission is to cater to your whiskey needs in a secure, entertaining, and highly personalized environment. We have several years experience of in whiskey collecting, trading, and owning/operating liquor stores, and the fire burns stronger than ever. We love the history of the products we sell and savor the taste when we get the time to crack a seal or two. Here’s to hoping you feel the same way. Enjoy!

Final Note – Buy Smoke Wagon Bourbon

Generally speaking, whiskey (or whisky) may be any of a number of distilled liquors that can be crafted from a fermented mash of cereal grains and elderly in wood containers, which can be generally built of oak.  Commonly used grains are corn, barley malt, rye, and wheat. So what’s it that units those liquors apart? In a nutshell, the call is primarily based totally on elements which include the kind of cereal grain used withinside the distilling system in addition to how and wherein it turned into produced. Buy whisky online, Buy Smoke Wagon Bourbon

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