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Straight Bourbon Whiskey, bottled at 122.9 proof, distilled in Tennessee. An ongoing whiskey project releasing a new batch every 3-4 months. Complex, & slightly sweet, with flavors unique to the barrel in which it was aged. Enjoy!

Size: 750ML

Proof: 122.9 (61.45% ABV)

Origin: United States

Distillery: Barrell Craft Spirits


Detailed Description
Barrell Bourbon is the latest example of their craft. True to form, they keep the provenance of these limited releases a top secret. But they let us know that it is a combination of Whiskeys “distilled and aged in Tennessee, Indiana, and Kentucky.” The “Indiana” source is easy to guess — likely the Rye component from MGP. We also know that some of the spirit has been aged for nine years and nine months, some aged eleven years, and the last bits aged fifteen years — all of them in new American white oak and then bottled at a perfectly lovely 61.45% ABV.

Barrell Bourbon Whiskey Tasting Notes
Nose: The nose comes in warm and sweet with dense dried cherry and pecan pie notes with orange zest.
Palate: The flavor on the tongue is viscous with wood oils, dried peach, milk chocolate, and espresso roast.
Finish: The medium length finish is rounded with dark berry, molasses, and a dash of brine.

Distillery Information
Founded in 2014, Barrell Craft Spirits scoops up extra casks of premium Bourbon and Rye and bottles ‘em up at full strength. Each batch is completely different. Sometimes the coolest casks on the market are Tennessee-style Whiskeys, sometimes they’re Kentucky Bourbon. The good stuff could be straight, or it could be a finished wood. The point is that they find the best odd lots and “left-overs” that would more likely be tossed into a generic blend and sell it to us in all of their glory.


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