Cadenhead 20 Year Trinidad Rum


Cadenhead 20-Year Trinidad Rum, a clear liquid distillate, is typically in oak barrels. Different grades of rum are original; place your order now!



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Cadenhead 20-Year Trinidad Rum a clear liquid distillate is typically in oak barrels. Different grades of rum are. In contrast to “golden” and “black” rums, which were previously primarily straight or neat, (“on the rocks”), or for cooking, light rums are frequently employed in cocktails. high-end rum

20-Year  Tasting Notes

Nose: Oily rags, melba toast, poached pears, mango chutney, and whiffs of diesel.

Palate: Petrol, lemon juice, caramel, pecans, dry roasted peanuts, and agave syrup.

Finish: Long oily, more petrol, and caramel.

Distillery Information

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