Cazul 100 Anejo 750ml


Cazul 100 Anejo 750ml Veneto, Italy – This classy, dry wine from Verona has a seductive bouquet that is bursting. Place your order now!


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Cazul 100 Anejo 750ml Veneto, Italy – This classy, dry wine from Verona has a seductive bouquet that is bursting with the typical scents of vanilla and spices. Dark, ripe fruit, licorice, and a smidge of violets are all noted on the warm palate. (Classic, Spice, Dark Fruit, Medium-Body)

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Critical evaluation: “This golden tequila has a typical character with honey, softer jalapeno and bell pepper aromas, vanilla, ripe banana, and hints of cinnamon and clove. sip or blend.” – 95/100, a lover of wine.

Tequila Las Americas Owners

Tequila is produced and exported by Tequila Las Americas, a Mexican business. Its headquarters are in the Jalisco state municipality of Tequila. Enrique Fonseca, the company’s founder, current owner, and CEO established it in 1978. One of Mexico’s largest tequila producers is Tequila Las Americas. The business offers a wide variety of goods, such as classic tequila, flavored tequila, and liqueurs made with tequila. It exports its goods to over 30 different nations.

It employs conventional production techniques and only makes use of the best agave plants. Tequila Las Americas has received numerous honors for its dedication to quality, including the prestigious Double Gold prize at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The CRT is a federal organization that controls the production of tequila and upholds NORMAS regulations.

What kind of alcohol is Anejo?

Aejo tequila is strong and full-bodied with a caramelized flavor and an amber color.

Is Anejo alcohol?

Tequilas aged a year or more are excellent for adding to drinks.

Why is Anejo more expensive?

This variety of tequila is relatively recent, having received official classification in 2005. This sort of tequila is the most expensive because distilleries will only let their best spirits mature for a certain amount of time and because the flavor gets better with age.


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