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Buy Don Roberto Extra Anejo Online extra-aged Anejo, made from a family recipe using estate-grown agave, and volcanic mineral water. Aged to perfection in white oak barrels to soften and sweeten the spirit naturally. The balanced blend of dark chocolate and dry fruits with a buttery finish.

Extra aejo tequila is matured for a minimum of three years in oak casks, producing an incredibly smooth agave spirit that is rich with delicate, velvety vanilla. This is a statement of anejo tequila’s growing reputation for elegance and sophistication.

Tequila extra aejo is the pinnacle of agave distillation, and many premium types are aged for considerably longer. When entertaining, an extra aejo is a must for collectors and connoisseurs of the finest premium spirits, with the extra-aged tequila anejo being perfect for fans of exquisitely balanced, superbly smooth, and stunningly complex agave.

What is the difference between anejo and extra anejo tequila?

Aejo: Tequilas matured in wood barrels for one to three years. Extra Aejo is at least three years old. Mixto: Tequila that is less than 100% blue agave and is typically blended with sweets or other alcoholic beverages.

What is extra anejo tequila?

Tequila that has matured is called extra aejo. Extra aejo designates that the spirit must mature for a minimum of four years, usually in oak barrels. Although several distilleries utilize a variety of wood barrels to age extra aejo tequila, American and French oak are the most common.

Which is better anejo or reposado?

Due to their milder flavor, aejo tequilas, which range in age from one to three years, are regarded as the greatest variety of tequila for sipping. Aejo tequilas are darker than reposado tequilas and are described as “vintage.”

Is Anejo expensive?

The distillery’s top expression and the last item on our list, DeleĆ³n Leona Aejo Tequila, would set you back about $1,000. After being aged in American oak, it spent more than a year resting in French Sauternes barrels.




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