Foursquare 10 Year Old Criterion


Foursquare 10-Year-Old Criterion Exceptional Cask Selection’s newest rum is Foursquare Rum Distillery Criterion. in the Foursquare universe.


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Foursquare 10-Year-Old Criterion Exceptional Cask Selection’s newest rum is Foursquare Rum Distillery Criterion. In the Foursquare universe, it seems to never rain but always pours. We were spoilt with the “controversial” Foursquare 2006 and the third and fourth places in the Exceptional Cask Selection just last year.

Once more, Mr. Seale and, to a lesser extent, Mr. Gargano teamed up to make sure we had a number of Foursquare releases quickly after one another. As if the several Indie bottlings and the recently revamped R L Seale’s 10-Year-Old weren’t enough for me lately. Not to mention the really kind (and, I must say, very moving) bottle of Old Brigand that Steve from the Rum Diaries Blog bought for me while I was in Barbados. I’m

Foursquare 10-Year-Old Criterion

The Foursquare rum distillery is own by R.L. Seale & Co, a family company with a traceable history of rum making in Barbados dating back to 1820. The modern company dates to the 1920s when Reginald Leon Seale set up a distribution business in the island’s capital, Bridgetown. The company’s success brought expansion, and through the latter half of the 20th century, it acquired brands such as ESA Fields and Doorly for its portfolio. In 1995 they opened the Foursquare distillery, converting an abandoned sugar factory in the Saint Philip parish.

Operating as a double retort pot still and a three-column continuous still, its first spirit was produce in 1996. Foursquare produces Single Blende rum, combining its pot and column distillate both before and after being barrel, and under the direction of Sir David Seale and his son, Richard, has become one of the most revered producers in the world.

Introduced in 2008, the Exceptional Cask Selection from Foursquare is an exemplar of the finest rum the distillery can produce. They have generally been age to either side of a decade in cask and bottle from bourbon casks, most of which are source from Jack Daniel’s, or from a variety of wood finishes. The latter is a specialty of Richard Seale, and releases have included lauded bottlings from a range of fortified wine and brandy barrels.




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