Gonzalez 1939 Mezcal 750ml


Gonzalez 1939 Mezcal 750ml Mexico – Made with 100% Espadin Agave. Clean, floral, and agave aromas with spice and smoke. Place your order now!


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Gonzalez 1939 Mezcal 750ml Mexico – Made with 100% Espadin Agave. Clean, floral, and agave aromas with spice and smoke. Taste of wet ash, fading to clean with agave and some vegetal notes. Floral and spice finish.

Clear tone. Fruity smells of green apple confections, ready melon, gooseberry, and salted peach with a plush, dryish light-to-medium body and a shivering, medium-length carob, peppercorns, and coated carrot finish. A striking, fruity Mezcal is tailor-made for mixed drinks.

Made with 100% Espadin Agave.

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Size: 750ML

Proof: 80 (40% ABV)

Origin: Mexico

Distillery: Gonzalez 1939

Gonzalez 1939 Mezcal Tasting Notes

Nose: Full-bodied aroma.

Palate: Lovely, mild on the tongue with a slight burn at the end.

Finish: The finish is surprisingly long and warm.

Spice and smoke are mixed with fresh, flowery, and agave scents. Wet ash flavor that cleans up with agave and a few vegetal notes. Finish: floral and spicy. Tequila and mezcal both have age terminologies like reposado and aejo, but mezcal is typically a more artisanal product, therefore instances of mezcal vary more than tequila.

The majority are triple-distilled, while some are triple-distilled and matured in oak barrels for a number of years. The flavors range from burnt fruits and tobacco to smoked pepper and herbs. Serve them by themselves, with a cigar, or in an adventurous cocktail.

Who makes Gonzalez tequila?

The González and Lux families have been producing tequila together for many years, and DGL continues that tradition. In keeping with the González family’s more than 150-year legacy, the family’s Destiladora González González continues to create award-winning tequila at our new distillery.

Can mezcal expire?

The good news is that unopened bottles of mezcal and tequila never truly go bad. Yes, you can continue to savor that stunning bottle for weeks or years to come. I give you enormous props if you can maintain that level of restraint! Unlike wine, which ages in the bottle, mezcal is a distilled alcohol.


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