VELIER CARONI 2000 RUM Caroni was shut down in 2002 as Trinidad’s state distillery. Since then, their stock has been used for blends. Place your order now!




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VELIER CARONI 2000 RUM Caroni was shut down in 2002 as Trinidad’s state distillery. Since then, their stock has been use for blends. Good lordy, what a shame! Luckily Italian bottler Velier has put this closed distillery back on the radar of rum lovers around the world. This high-proof rum is bottle at 55.0% ABV. It’s a beast!

Velier Caroni 2000 Tasting Notes

Nose: The nose is quite amazing for a Caroni. The hydrocarbon notes tend towards the aromas of roasted coffee and dried fruits.

Palate: The attack also surprises on a fruity acidity, lime, and very quickly appears medicinal notes reminiscent of eucalyptus. It is only after we come to this coffee and notes of nuts giving a slight bitterness welcome.

Finish: Surprisingly, the length in the mouth develops a gluttony less visible during the tasting makes me think that once the bottle is shouldered, the oxygenation in the bottle will win the juice in roundness.

Distillery Information

Angostura is one of the Caribbean’s leading rum producers with a superb collection of rum brands and is the world’s market leader for bitters. Velier produced Caroni, a 17-year-old heavy rum from 2000, last year. It is the company’s first and only US-only product to date. You can let the EU go with nothing, so we also receive our own version. Today, we’ll assess how the two bottlings stack up against the other Caronis from 2000 we’ve already studied.

While the US version required seven barrels to make 2700 bottles, the EU version only required two barrels to generate 582 bottles. Both ought to have been distilled using Caroni’s diminutive column still(s) and diluted to a concentration of 55%. Since we may estimate the entire proof of these rums to be around 70% from the single casks, the dilution is actually pretty significant.

When I see this, usually alarm bells start to go off, but since we have had good Caronis at or near 55%, they have not this time. To the best of my knowledge, these variants often contain distinct barrels and are hence different rums even though certain 55% or 57,18% versions may have been superior to the full-proof releases in some circumstances.





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