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Shop this Shimauta ryukyu whisky 10 year at drizly.store

Shimauta ryukyu whisky 10 year

Product information – Shimauta ryukyu whisky 10 year

Shimauta ryukyu whisky 10 year: Okinawa, Japan- crafted from 100% premium Indica rice and elderly 10 years in new white all right casks. Candy and buttery palate with notes of caramel, toasted wooden, licorice, and spices together with cloves and cinnamon. Long finish of spice that brings lower back sweetness.


Country- Japan

SPIRITS type- eastern Whisky

ABV- forty three%

Taste- rich, Caramel, wood, Cinnamon, long

About this Whiskey

Eastern whisky has emerged as tremendously famous over the past few years. Bottles have come to be increasingly rare, and high priced, as distilleries have claimed to battle to satisfy the demand due to the class’s speedy increase. Brands have stepped in to fill the void by supplying new blends and NAS (no age assertion) whiskies, and a lot of those are first-rate cocktail components. If you are searching down bottles, make certain to do your research as a few manufacturers source a blend of whiskies made in different international locations, bottle it in Japan, and phone it Japanese whisky. But there’s a reason why it’s turn out to be so famous—there are a few surely terrific drams to be drunk. If you’re trying to discover the class, the Yamazaki 12-year vintage is a good vicinity to start, which is why it’s our top preference. Shimauta ryukyu whisky 10 year

Kujira Ryukyu unmarried Grain Whisky five years was crafted from one hundred% top rate Indica rice. Matured in 1st stuffed White all right casks and seated in subtropical climate at the southern give up of Okinawa Japan for greater than five years. Rich with woody aroma and darkish fruity flavor. Body is easy and mellow and completed with candy notes.

Tasting notes – Shimauta ryukyu whisky 10 year

Appearance / shade

Medium Amber

Nose / Aroma / scent

The aroma is balanced with an all-right foundation beneath vanilla and stewed plums.

Taste / flavor / Palate

The palate leads with dried raisins, cherries, and cranberries and blooms with notes of caramel and a mild all right spice.


The end is medium period and clean with a thrilling anise element on the cease.

Origin and Record of this whiskey

Founded in 1952, Kumesen Syuzo began on distilling alcoholic beverages, precise to Okinawa islands of Japan, additionally know as Ryuku islands. Then round 1989, this innovative distillery started out to age them in very well barrels, developing a unique sort of ji-whisky in its personal class, for this reason named it the Ryukyu Whisky. With twenty years maturing in bourbon casks, Kujira as a single grain whisky gives an exquisite taste profile that has outstanding itself from its malt opposite numbers and creates a clean preference for spirits fans.

Shimauta ryukyu whisky 10 year, The Kujira Ryukyu Whisky variety is produced on the Masahiro Distillery in Japan.

This Kujira Ryukyu unmarried Grain Whisky is crafted from one hundred% premium indica rice. Maturation takes location for 10 years in first fill white very wellbarrels beneath subtropical weather on the southern end of Okinawa, Japan.

Awards – Shimauta ryukyu whisky 10 year

– 91 PTS IWSC 2021

– DOUBLE GOLD San Francisco World Spirits opposition 2021

– SILVER global Spirits project 2020

As defined via the distillery “Kujira Ryukyu Single Grain Whisky 10 years was distilled from 100% top rate Indica rice, and matured in White o.a.k.Virgin casks for greater than 10 years. Masahiro Distillery was based in 1883, its records ought to trace lower back to Ryukyu country technology. Masahiro Distillery is understood for its manufacturing techniques, prominent qualities, and passion for innovation.”

Ryukyu is to Japanese rice whisky as kentucky is to bourbon.

The Ryukyu vicinity of Japan is speedy turning into the hub for exceptional jap Whisky because of the natural water supply and historical techniques.

Final spirits task

Japan- combined & bottled in Niigata, Japan, this 10-year-old malt whisky is matured in American ex bourbon, Oloroso sherry & rare Japanese Mizunara Oak. Natural color with notes of plum, oak & cinnamon spice. Ninety-two-factor rating at USC, 91 factors at IWSC & Gold medal at SFSC.

Additional records – Shimauta ryukyu whisky 10 year

Distillery- Suntory

Whisky origin- eastern

Unmarried -Maltsure

Combined- No

Grain- No

Alcohol strength- forty.00%

Bottle size- 70cl

Container- sure

Field situation- proper

Label circumstance- properly

Shoulder stage- top

Weight- 2 Kg

The Yamazaki 10 12 months antique is one of the first jap unmarried malt whiskies to go into the marketplace. It has now been discontinued, replaced by using the Yamazaki 12, but it stays one of the most properly-balanced unmarried malts by the top-notch Yamazaki distillery.

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Exact Description

Shimauta ryukyu whisky 10 year, The Yamazaki 10 yr old is one of the first Japanese unmarried malt whiskies to enter the marketplace. It has now been discontinued, replaced by way of the Yamazaki 12, but it stays one of the most properly-balanced unmarried malts through the first-rate Yamazaki distillery. This unique bottle comes with a unique white label.

Distillery statistics

Suntory Beverage & meals confined is a jap brewing and distilling employer institution. Mounted in 1899, it’s far one of the oldest companies in the distribution of alcoholic drinks in Japan and makes eastern whisky. Shimauta ryukyu whisky 10 year

A ten-yr-antique unmarried malt from the Yamazaki distillery. Very hard to find specifically this older expression. It’s been matured in Bourbon Barrels earlier than being bottled a forty% abv. A adorable fruity dram, candy and wealthy palate.

As with a whole lot of what passes for Japanese whisky, the spirit for this one was not produced in Japan, it changed into however matured there for at least a number of its lifestyles. This “pure malt”, a term not allowed in Scotland, way it’s far a mix of different single malts or a combined Malt. The sourced whiskies, nearly in reality Scottish, where matured in ex-Bourbon and ex-Sherry before marrying and gfinishing in Mizunara, japanese Oak. 43%. Shimauta ryukyu whisky 10 year

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