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Discover Equiano, the world’s first Afro-Caribbean rum

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Description – Shop Equiano Rum

Shop Equiano Rum: Equiano is a multi-award winning top-rate aged rum, that is the world’s first African & caribbean combination. The collaboration of two distilleries on two one-of-a-kind continents creates something totally new for a century’s vintage craft. Equiano is 100% herbal, with no spices, no components, and no introduced sugar. All of our rich and deep flavors come from the ex-bourbon and ex-cognac casks that it tropically matures in.

Named after Olaudah Equiano, a freedom fighter who liberated himself by promoting rum. Equiano stood for equality and that is why five% of the agency income & £2 of each bottle purchased here will go to ground stage freedom and equality projects yearly.

Tasting notes – Shop Equiano Rum

This precise spirit is a mix of 10-yr-antique African and 8-12 months-old caribbean rum, the first of its type. Complex, rich, and deep, it brings together two worlds, honoring the legacy of freedom fighter and abolitionist Olaudah Equiano.

On the nose

Like several excellent premium rums, Equiano subtly delivers tropical warmth as soon as its aroma touches your nose. Rich, notes of dried fruits such as raisins and sultanas combine with sweet toffee, butterscotch, and caramel culminating with a suggestion of orange peel, vanilla, and buttered timber.

At the palate

Equiano offers all the naturally sweet notes of a nicely-elderly rum from American white alright bourbon casks. It has a heat toffee and butterscotch mouth-feel, with chewy raisins and brown sugar flavors that emerge from the liquid as it caresses your tongue.

To finish

Although Equiano is a evidently candy rum without added sugar or spices, it has a medium-to-candy finish with touches of oak, anise, sweet pepper with a touch of bitter orange peel.

Approximately Equiano rum

Olaudah Equiano was born in 1745 in Nigeria. Enslaved in his young people, he labored in the caribbean earlier than ending up in the united kingdom. There he traded rum, finally saving up the forty kilos that he wanted to shop for his freedom. He would grow to be one of the first African writers to have their paintings posted in the UK and us and it became his paintings as a freedom fighter, revolutionary, and abolitionist that might place his mark on records. This rum can pay tribute to his legacy and his name.

Shop Equiano Rum, This rum can pay tribute to his legacy by way of giving 5% of agency income to floor-level freedom and equality initiatives annually.

Equiano rum is the world’s first African and caribbean rum, one which brings together worlds, the old and the new. The award-winning spirit become crafted by industry legend master distiller and blender Richard Seale. It’s a mix of rum from gray’s distillery in Mauritius as well as rum from a foursquare distillery in Barbados. The first is column-distilled and elderly in french limousin o.k.and ex-cognac casks for a decade. It then receives shipped to Barbados, where its miles are blended with rum that has spent 8 years in ex-bourbon barrels. Bottled at 86 proof it’s one hundred% natural without a brought sugar, spice, flavors, and colorants. The complicated, rich, and deep spirit has gained a gold medal at the san Francisco international spirits opposition, amongst numerous other accolades.

About rum – Shop Equiano Rum

Rum history allegedly started out inside the carribiens in the 17th century once they commenced to ferment and distill molasses, a byproduct of sugar production. Most of the rum is elderly in very wellor ex-wine casks, giving its color and taste.

We distinguish among four exclusive rum classes, wherein white or unaged rum is specially used in cocktails, even as darkish, spiced, and añejo (aged) rum are in general loved neat.


Like all nice premium rum, Equiano subtly offers a tropical warm temperature as soon as its aroma touches your nostril. Wealthy, notes of dried end results including raisins and sultanas combine with candy toffee, butterscotch, and caramel culminating with a proposal of orange peel, vanilla, and buttered wood.


At the palate, Equiano provides all of the naturally sweet notes of well-elderly rum from American white very well-bourbon casks. Shop Equiano Rum,  It has a heat toffee and butterscotch mouth-feel, with chewy raisins and brown sugar flavors that emerge from the liquid because it caresses your tongue.


Despite the fact that Equiano is a certainly candy rum without a brought sugar or spices, it has a medium to candy finishing with touches of oak, anise, and sweet pepper with a hint of bitter orange peel.

What is the history of Equiano rum?

Equiano takes its name from olaudah equiano. Born in 1745 in what’s now Nigeria, Equiano become abducted as a child and enslaved. He turned into sold again and again before ultimately being offered by means of a merchant, Robert king. Shop Equiano Rum, Equiano labored on the king’s shipping routes inside the caribbean and changed into allowed to earn cash through trading on the facet, ultimately saving up enough to shop for his freedom from the king.

He later settled in England, where he have become worried about the abolitionist movement, and went on to put in writing a seminal memoir entitled the exciting narrative of the lifestyles of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African. In honor of Equiano’s legacy, the enterprise donates £2 of each bottle sold and five% of annual profits to ground-stage equality initiatives.

The rum itself is a fascinating assignment, a blend of spirits from one of the international’s most respected rum distilleries (Barbadian company foursquare) and rum from up-and-coming Mauritian distillery, gray’s. It’s why it is been dubbed the primary African and Caribbean rum in the international. This all-herbal affair involves no additives in the form of sugar or spice, the flavor is drawn from maturation in ex-bourbon and ex-cognac casks. The rum’s creation begins in Mauritius where it’s aged for 10 years before being transported to Barbados wherein it’s married and vatted with award-prevailing foursquare rum. The unique manufacturing process makes this a confined-version liquid, which means that each batch of rum is special in its personal way.

How does Equiano rum taste?

Having swept up at a number of international spirits competitions, there’s a whole lot of expectation on Equiano rum. But it doesn’t disappoint. Shop Equiano Rum, The nostril is gentle and smooth, with ribbons of caramel and dollops of orange and vanilla, tempered via okayand cocoa. The palate is wealthy: caramel is studded with dried fruits and heated spices, and chocolate-dipped ginger and pepper enter the fray for the finish.

Past the label – Shop Equiano Rum

Equiano is the sector’s first African and Caribbean rum, by no means visible earlier than the combination of two cultures, two distilleries, and islands making it a perfect collaboration of east and west. The top rate-elderly rum gives something completely new to the category. The liquid is a restrained batch combo from one of the satisfactory-emerging distilleries in the global, gray’s in Mauritius, and the world-famed Barbadian distillery – foursquare. The masterminds behind the rum are Burrell, the international rum ambassador, and Richard Seale of the multi-award-triumphing foursquare distillery. Bringing those two rum purists together manner that Equiano is a hundred% natural rum, and not using spices, no additives, and no introduced sugar. Absolutely uncompromised, all of the rich and deep flavors come from the ex-cognac and ex-bourbon casks that the rum tropically matures in, creating a superb, present-day, and matured spirit that is completely particular.

Named after the Nigerian-born author, entrepreneur, abolitionist and freedom fighter Olaudah Equiano, the natural dark rum follows the extremely good and enormous adventure of Olaudah himself – beginning its life in Africa, journeying to the Caribbean, and landing in the united kingdom. Equiano’s adventure, via a transatlantic exchange, took the same path, culminating in him shopping for his liberation with savings he’d made through selling rum. Shop Equiano Rum, Ultimately settling in London, Equiano changed into one of the first african writers to have his paintings published through a prime writer. His effective memoirs went on to affect the freedom of humans all over the world, the freedom that lots of us experience, but that many are still preventing, making his tale relevant to international communication nowadays because it was within the 1700s. Equiano rum takes outstanding satisfaction in his call to redecorate their bottle and as an industry first, will be giving 5% of worldwide organization earnings to ground degree freedom and equality initiatives yearly.

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